Presidential Mentors Program

Welcome to the resource pages for the NAICU Presidential Mentors Program.  Assuming the presidency of a college is a huge undertaking.  From managing finances, fundraising and enrollment to overseeing the senior-level team and governing board relations, most new presidents have little time to focus on the importance of advocacy and the critical role the federal government and student financial aid programs play on campus.
In these challenging times, with some 150 new presidencies each year, the NAICU Mentors Program links presidents interested in sharing their advocacy and NAICU experience with new presidents to foster a greater sense of community. The goal is to educate the new presidents and encourage them to engage with NAICU early on in their tenure. 

On these pages you will find resources for both mentors and mentees regarding NAICU programs and activities.
Presidential Mentors Program Advocacy Resources  
For information, contact: 
Deborah Sykes Reilly, Director for Member Relations and Conference Planning