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President Obama's College Affordability/ Accountability Proposals

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Busting the Myths about Private Colleges

NAICU debunks the major myths surrounding private nonprofit colleges and universities. Visit to get the facts!

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Private Colleges Focus on Affordability

New campus affordability measures are helping to keep students' and families' out-of-pocket costs as low as possible. Tuition cuts and freezes, three-year degree programs, and more. Complete list



Seen and Heard at the 2014 NAICU Annual Meeting

NAICU Washington Update

Tweets and photos from NAICU's 2014 Annual Meeting:

Pres. @JeffreyDocking of @AdrianCollege presenting on #StudentDebt at the #NAICU2014 conference.

MICU ‏@MICUMichigan


Check out Moira Lenehan-Razzuri at listening to: Adrian College Pres@2014 NAICU Annual Meeting … #naicu2014

Marta T. Rosa, M.Ed. ‏@mtrconsulting57


Opening social media remarks reference Converged Media=Paid + Owned + Shared ...via Altimeter Group #naicu2014 #HigherEd

The Lawlor Group ‏@TheLawlorGroup


AM2014_1Anthony Shop of SocialDriver; Patricia McGuire, president of Trinity
Washington University; and Pete Boyle of NAICU discuss presidents
and social media during the PR Academy.


For more info on social media in #highered, see 6 Technologies Will Change Colleges . . . via @chronicle #naicu2014

Jim Newberry ‏@MayorNewberry 


Gallup will measure well being nationally against which colleges and can judge how their grads are doing. Survey starts this week.#naicu2014

The Hechinger Report ‏@hechingerreport 


RT @NAICUtweets: Gallup's Brandon Busteed:  95% of Americans value college degree, but many starting to question quality #naicu2014

MONEY on College ‏@Money


AM2014_2Brandon Busteed discusses Gallup's new research project targeting
college alumni.


Gallup’s Busteed: This survey is using data/research for process improvement. Not for rankings or ratings. #naicu2014 #HigherEd

John T. Lawlor ‏@johntlawlor 


Gallup's Brandon Busteed at NAICU: if going to college is to better your lot in life, how can that be measured? #naicu2014 from Washington, DC 

The Hechinger Report ‏@hechingerreport


Brandon Busteed: "Hope is a stronger predictor of college success than SAT or GPA." #HigherEd #naicu2014

John T. Lawlor ‏@johntlawlor


Busteed: Phrase liberal arts isn't fully computing its value. Yet skills desired are similar to liberal arts outcomes. Translate. #naicu2014

John T. Lawlor ‏@johntlawlor


Growing drum beat to measure outcomes in higher ed; @hechingerreport looks at latest:  Gallup Will Survey College Graduates' Outcomes  #highered #naicu2014

The Hechinger Report ‏@hechingerreport 

AM2014_9 NAICU member presidents Robert Lindgren of Randolph-Macon
College (VA), Elizabeth Fleming of Converse College (SC), and
Charles Fleming of the College of Mount Saint Vincent (NY),
discussed the
value proposition of private, nonprofit colleges and

3 college prez talking about value @NAICU Conf. Wheelock President Jenkins-Scott on this topic: Assessing the Value of a College Degree?  #NAICU2014 #highered

Wheelock Policy ‏@wheelockpolicy


Let's Talk About Value. Very relevant #HigherEd topic at #naicu2014 including Converse President Betsy Fleming...see Converse College Addresses College Afforability With Tuition Reset …

The Lawlor Group ‏@TheLawlorGroup 


MICU Member Eileen Wilson-Oyelaran, pres. of @kcollege & 2013 NAICU Board chair opening the #NAICU2014 Annual Meeting.

MICU ‏@MICUMichigan


AM2014_3NAICU 2013 Board Chair Eileen Wilson-Oyelaran, president of 
Kalamazoo College, offers remarks while opening the 2014 Annual


NAICU Prez Eileen Wilson-Oyelaran: higher ed needs to give Congress "the courage to do no harm to the students we serve." #naicu2014

The Hechinger Report ‏@hechingerreport


Ex Harvard Prez Derek Bok: too much tech will make colleges "soulless factories that lack many of the things our students value." #naicu2014

The Hechinger Report ‏@hechingerreport

 AM2014_4Former Harvard University President Derek Bok discussed the future
of higher education and the liberal arts.

Previous speaker, Charlie Cook,  referenced people over 60 as living dead. Derek Bok, age 84, refers to himself as walking dead. #naicu2014

John T. Lawlor ‏@johntlawlor


Discussing colleges' role to communicate relevance and outcomes of a LibArtsEd Translating the Liberal Arts 

Christine Miller ‏@cmm0


At #naicu2014, many expressed concerns over feds' efforts to construct #highered rating system. For more perspective…
Analysts Map Some of the Challenges a College-Ratings System Would Face

Jim Newberry ‏@MayorNewberry


Sen. Alexander holds up 10 page application for simplified FAFSA, calls reform of higher regulations @ #naicu2014


AM2014_5Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) holds up the 10 page FAFSA form
while discussing the need to cut regulation of colleges and universities.


Excellent data on #highered online programs available ... Online Learning at Private Colleges and Universities. #naicu2014

Jim Newberry ‏@MayorNewberry


We had a great time at #naicu2014 meeting with of our elected officials!  Here are just some of the member Presidents



Our Presidents did a great job talking to @SenSherrodBrown staff about #highered issues.  #NAICU2014



Former GWU President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg opening #NAICU2014 speaker today: When Bad Things Happen to New Presidents #HigherEd

The Lawlor Group ‏@TheLawlorGroup



Former George Washington University President Stephen Joel
Trachenberg talked about failed college presidencies.


Home from #NAICU2014, talking #Pell, #SEOG, #FWS, #AOTC & other critical investments that make #highered possible for 1000s of #NYS students

Terri Standish-Kuon ‏@TASKuon 

AM2014_8Passing of the Gavel: NAICU President David Warren looks on as
2013 Board Chair and Kalamazoo College President Eileen Wilson-
Oyelaran passed the NAICU Board Chair gavel to 2014 Chair and
Shenandoah University President Tracy Fitzsimmons.


#NAICU2013 comes to an end - thanks to our attendees, speakers, and sponsors for a terrific mtg!  See you in DC next Feb 1-4 for #naicu2014!

NAICU ‏@NAICUtweets 






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