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Ohio Private Universities Use Incentives To Fill Classrooms

WOSU, 89.7, NPR
August 29, 2014

Ohio’s 24 liberal arts colleges and universities face a challenging future.The private, non-profit, schools highlight academic reputation and low professor-student ratios. But the competition for new students is intense. Some are turning to more tangible incentives to keep classrooms filled.

Cagle gets a look at Berry College's student work program

Rome, Ga., News-Tribune
August 29, 2014

The gift shop at Oak Hill and The Martha Berry Museum was a bit of a tight fit for the number of guests that occupied it Thursday afternoon. But it showcased what Georgia Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle wanted to see on his visit to Berry College — the entrepreneurial spirit of the school’s student enterprise program.

George Washington U. Speaks Out on Sex Assaults After Furor Over Ex-Chief’s Remarks

Chronicle of Higher Education
August 29, 2014

George Washington University on Thursday released a statement calling sexual assault “repugnant and unacceptable” after a former president of the institution, Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, drew sharp criticism over remarks he made about the subject on a radio show.

Attacking the Opportunity Gap

Inside Higher Ed - Opinion Piece
August 29, 2014

David Bergeron and Scott Greytak write: As affirmative action continues to backslide, support for economic equality is growing. Could these narratives be combined to fuel new ideas that take advantage of this common ground?

The economy is getting better. Why are so many people still not paying back student loans?

August 29, 2014

Students aren't just taking on more student loan debt than ever before — many are still struggling to pay it back when they leave college. And while the economy is getting better, student loan delinquency and default rates aren't.

How Economically Diverse Is Your College? A 'New York Times’ Ranking May Soon Tell

Chronicle of Higher Education
August 29, 2014

The New York Times is entering the college-ratings game. Next month it plans to unveil "a new ranking of colleges and universities based on their ability to attract underprivileged kids." Or at least that’s how the project is billed on the agenda for the Schools for Tomorrow conference that the newspaper is holding next week in New York City.

At College Football Games, Student Sections Likely to Have Empty Seats

Wall Street Journal
August 28, 2014

Football stadiums will be packed this weekend for the kickoff of the college season. But many of the student sections are likely to have empty seats. Average student attendance at college football games is down 7.1% since 2009, according to an analysis by The Wall Street Journal of stadium turnstile records from about 50 public colleges with top-division football teams. The decline was 5.6% at colleges in the five richest conferences.

Elon President Makes Plea for Staff to Get Involved in Elections Involving Education

Burlington Times News (NC)
August 28, 2014

Elon University President Leo Lambert has asked faculty to focus on public education in local elections this fall.  This is not the first time this year Lambert has taken a public stand on local elections. His name was on a list of local business leaders who put their names on full-page newspaper ads in support of school funding before the May primary.

Rise in College Enrollment Slows

Asbury Park Press (NJ)
August 28, 2014

College enrollments will grow more slowly at private institutions, according to National Center for Education Statistics data.
Because of some key demographic projections, the recruitment of traditional-age college students will not get easier anytime soon, according to education market research firm the Lawlor Group.

Student-Built Apps Teach Colleges a Thing or Two

New York Times
August 28, 2014

At Brown University, Jonah Kagan had a clever idea: Get his fellow students to name their three favorite courses, and use the results as a guide for people seeking great, unusual electives. Building the website was easy, but he could not persuade Brown to give him enrollment figures, which would have allowed him to control for differences in class size. So the survey died.  Experiences like those two are becoming common at campuses around the country, as students are showing up the universities that trained them by producing faster, easier-to-navigate, more informative and generally just better versions of the information systems at the heart of undergraduate life.

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