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Utah Needs Teachers, But College Students Don’t Want to Major in Education

Salt Lake City, Utah, Tribune
February 8, 2016

Around Utah, education leaders are grappling with a lack of interest in their profession. Utah's K-12 schools are clamoring for teachers. But its colleges are struggling to churn them out.

Provost Loses Job After Opposing 'Bunny-Drowning' Plan

Inside Higher Ed
February 8, 2016

Many in academe were shocked last month when it was revealed that the new president of Mount St. Mary's University in Maryland had told faculty members they needed to view struggling students as bunnies to be drowned. The president, Simon Newman, originally wouldn't confirm the quote. But the board has now said the president used an "inappropriate metaphor." Many have wondered if Newman's presidency could survive the controversy. Now it appears the person losing his job is the provost, David Rehm, who leaked emails reveal is the senior official at the university who told Newman to hold off on his approach to retention, and that the system might not be fair to students.

Wheaton College Reverses Efforts to Fire Professor, But She Won't Return to Teach

Chicago Tribune
February 8, 2016

A tenured professor at Wheaton College suspended for saying Muslims and Christians worship the same God has reached an agreement with the west suburban evangelical school to end her employment there, while the administrator who called for her termination has apologized for acting in haste.

Study Explores How Black Men Find Success in College

Associated Press
February 8, 2016

For black students — especially men — at many mainstream colleges, these pressures, racial slights and other negative interactions can push them to transfer or even drop out. A new study in the Harvard Educational Review is highlighting how some black male college students are overcoming those challenges, and the reasons for their success.

Scientific research needs the humanities, the president of a technical university says

Washington Post - Presidential Opinion
February 8, 2016

Edward Guiliano, President, New York Institute of Technology writes: Revolutionary innovation depends on more than robust financing. It also requires doctors, engineers and researchers to embrace the humanities. Indeed, the world’s biggest challenges — whether economic, environmental, technological or physical — demand critical thinking, empathy, cultural literacy and creativity. These skills are cultivated through an education that embraces the humanities.

A Closer Look at 7 Common Requirements in Resolved Federal Sex-Assault Inquiries

Chronicle of Higher Education
February 8, 2016

As of last month OCR had resolved 46 of the more than 240 investigations included in The Chronicle’s tracker. Thirty of those ended in resolution agreements.

Concordia College Stirs Critics with Cuts to Foreign Languages

Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN)
February 8, 2016

At the small college in northwestern Minnesota, officials couldn’t help noticing that fewer and fewer students were majoring in foreign languages like French and German.  So last week, Concordia College in Moorhead announced plans to stop offering those majors, as well as Latin, classics and Scandinavian studies, to help balance its budget.  The decision has set off a firestorm on and off campus, with some students and alumni accusing the college of turning its back on one of the core elements of a liberal arts education.

The Improvisational President

Chronicle of Higher Education
February 8, 2016

From the beginning, José Antonio Bowen improvised. As a boy he played a cheap electric organ, combining notes every which way, absorbing all the sounds. By the time he became a professional pianist, altering a melody onstage was second nature.Jazz musicians take risk by the hand. Mr. Bowen, 53, has brought that sensibility to Goucher College, not far from downtown Baltimore.

Division II Programs Offer Student-Athletes Balance

Huffington Post - Presidential Opinion
February 7, 2016

Gary A. Olson, president of Daemen College (NY), writes: Division II athletics programs promote a challenging equilibrium among excellence in the classroom, community service, and rigorous athletics competition. The six key values that distinguish us from the other two divisions are Learning, Service, Passion, Sportsmanship, Resourcefulness and, of course, Balance. The members of Division II total more than 90,000 student-athletes at 300 colleges in 44 states.

College Can Make a Huge Difference in Ex-prisoners’ Lives

Seattle, Wash., Times - Column
February 7, 2016

Columnist Jerry Large writes: The Post-Prison Education Program has had some spectacular successes working with people coming out of prison over the past decade. But just as impressive are the ex-prisoners who achieve the kinds of positive lives others take for granted.

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