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President Obama's College Affordability/ Accountability Proposals

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Busting the Myths about Private Colleges

NAICU debunks the major myths surrounding private nonprofit colleges and universities. Visit to get the facts!

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Private Colleges Focus on Affordability

New campus affordability measures are helping to keep students' and families' out-of-pocket costs as low as possible. Tuition cuts and freezes, three-year degree programs, and more. Complete list



Is college worth it?

Cincinnati Enquirer

May 6, 2012

In bad economic times, the question of the real value of a college education has come into stark relief. Government data this year show that fully half of graduates 25 or younger are either unemployed or working in a job that doesn't use the skills they learned in college. Total student loan debt is nearing $1 trillion, or more than $20,000 for each graduate, and some of the high-growth jobs of the next century, such as home health aides, may not require a four-year degree. That leaves more students and families asking the question: Is college worth it?

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