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President Obama's College Affordability/ Accountability Proposals

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Busting the Myths about Private Colleges

NAICU debunks the major myths surrounding private nonprofit colleges and universities. Visit to get the facts!

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Private Colleges Focus on Affordability

New campus affordability measures are helping to keep students' and families' out-of-pocket costs as low as possible. Tuition cuts and freezes, three-year degree programs, and more. Complete list



Department of Education Seeks Faculty with Foreign Language Experience

NAICU Washington Update

January 26, 2016

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE) announced its upcoming 2016 grant competitions, and also put out a call for peer reviewers to read and evaluate its entries. The notices inviting applications will be posted on the program webpages as soon as applications become available.

The following International and Foreign Language (IFLE) programs were listed by the Department, along with projected months as “estimated time-frames to help with planning:”

OPE’s Office of International and Foreign Language Education (IFLE)

IFLE facilitates grant programs that help broaden global competencies that can help drive the economic success and competitiveness of our Nation.

Peer Reviewers

Looking for professional development experience in 2016 or interested in learning more about the Department of Education’s OPE and its programs? OPE seeks to create a pool of specialists to serve as “peer reviewers” to read and evaluate its grant competitions. Participation requires up to two weeks with modest compensation. To learn more and/or apply please visit Peer Reviewers Information page on OPE’s website.

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