Graduation Guarantee


Alma College (Alma, MI)
Under the Alma Commitment program, the college promised to pick up the additional cost of completing a degree for any student who met academic requirements but failed to graduate within four years.

Nebraska Wesleyan University (Lincoln, NE)
In the Nebraska Wesleyan Graduation Commitment, students who satisfied the school's requirements graduated in four years. If a student met the requirements but did not graduate in four years, the university promised to pay for the cost of completing the degree. 

Sterling College (Sterling, KS)
Beginning with the freshman class, Sterling College offered a Four-Year Graduation Guarantee.  Students must meet specific requirements to be eligible.

Trine University (Angola, IN)
Trine offered freshmen a Four-Year Graduation Guarantee.  Students must apply within 2 weeks of starting class, be full-time students, and meet with an adviser to ensure they are on track. 




Randolph-Macon College (Ashland, VA)
RMC guaranteed freshmen who met the Four-Year Degree Guarantee requirements would graduate within four years. If not, the college waived tuition costs for all courses needed to complete the degree.


Vanguard University (Costa Mesa, CA)
All entering freshmen were eligible for the Four-Year Graduation Guarantee Program.


California Lutheran University (Thousand Oaks, CA)
CLU's 4 to Finish program was designed to help families save money, especially those affected by the current economic crisis.  Undergraduate students were required to declare their major early, meet regularly with their advisor, make sufficient progress toward their degree, and fulfill other requirements, CLU promised graduation in four years or the university would waive tuition and fees for the remaining classes. 

Green Mountain College (Poultney, VT)
Green Mountain guaranteed incoming freshmen would graduate in four years, or the college would cover all tuition costs for any additional required course work. Students were reqiured to maintain 2.0 GPA, take a minimum 15-credit course load each semester, and meet regularly with their faculty adviser.

Manchester College (North Manchester, IN)
Under Manchester's Triple Guarantee, all full-time students were offered guaranteed graduation within four years or pay no tuition for additional credits needed to graduate in five years.  Manchester also offered a six month post graduation job guarantee or enrollment in graduate school. See also: Replacing Loans with Grants

Mercer University (Macon, GA)
For freshman students who did their work, passed their classes, and followed the advice of faculty advisers were offered free tuition and fees for all additonal course work required to graduate after four years.