For Institutions


How to Participate:  The 2020 Project currently gathers information from participating colleges and universities through an on-line survey that captures information on access and success initiatives already in place or planned on campuses nationally.  The survey is explained more fully on the survey site, where colleges can enter their information.


Survey participation is open to all non-profit private colleges and universities, whether or not they are members of NAICU or CIC.


Lists of Participating Institutions:  We are posting regularly an updated list of institutions that have completed the survey of planned efforts to support access, retention, and degree completion.


Note that, because of the volume of material being submitted by institutions, there is considererable lag time between completing the surveys and having that information appear on the 2020 Website.


Whom to Contact:  A team of NAICU staff members are responsible for various aspects of the Building Blocks to 2020 effort.  Contact any one of us.  We welcome your questions and suggestions: