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Busting the Myths about Private Colleges

NAICU debunks the major myths surrounding private nonprofit colleges and universities. Visit to get the facts!

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Private Colleges Focus on Affordability

New campus affordability measures are helping to keep students' and families' out-of-pocket costs as low as possible. Tuition cuts and freezes, three-year degree programs, and more. Complete list



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Surprising Student Loan Fact: Most College Student Don’t Borrow Money

Fiscal Times

June 30, 2016

More than 70 percent of students who attended college this year did not use student loans to pay for school, according to a new report from Sallie Mae. Among those who did borrow, the vast majority used federal loans, which have better rates and more flexible repayment terms than private loans, which were used by just 8 percent of students.

The Elusive Young Donor

Inside Higher Ed

June 30, 2016

Colleges expand efforts to raise money from recent graduates. But Northeastern campaign that was widely mocked online shows that raising money from those repaying student loans isn't easy.

College Costs Dip Slightly, But Still Cause Anxiety


June 30, 2016

There is some good news for American parents terrified about the rising costs of college outstripping inflation and their investments: the average amount families spent on college actually went down last year.

Is Student-Loan Debt Really Holding Would-Be Entrepreneurs Back?

Chronicle of Higher Education

June 30, 2016

When Hillary Clinton unveiled a proposal to reduce the student-loan burden on entrepreneurs, higher-education policy wonks responded with a collective eyeroll.

New Regulations Take Effect to Protect Student Aid Recipients

Forbes - Opinion

June 30, 2016

Janet Berry-Johnson writes: New regulations for college campus-sponsored debit and prepaid credit cards take effect tomorrow that will allow students to choose how to receive federal student aid refunds, require colleges to provide objective and neutral information about financial aid disbursement options and protect students from excessive financial institution fees. The Department of Education issued the new rules in October 2015 to protect the 9 million students who receive federal student aid annually.

Bid to Buy For-Profit College by Former Obama Insiders Raises Questions


June 30, 2016

As the Obama administration cracks down on for-profit colleges, three former officials working on behalf of an investment firm run by President Barack Obama’s best friend have staged a behind-the-scenes campaign to get the Education Department to green-light a purchase of the biggest for-profit of them all — the University of Phoenix.

The Technology of Higher Education

June 30, 2016

For nearly 30 years, pundits have predicted that education technology would disrupt higher education. While online learning is commonplace, higher education remains firmly in the crosshairs of critics targeting high tuition, student debt, poor completion rates and unemployed and underemployed graduates — demonstrating a growing skills gap.  But all is not lost. It may be that technology’s transformation of higher education lies not in the transformation of teaching and learning, but the advent of a new digital language that connects higher education and the labor market and, in so doing, exerts profound changes on both.


Inside Higher Ed

June 30, 2016

“Drunkorexia” is a colloquial term for the practice of skipping meals or exercising heavily before consuming alcohol. The trend isn’t new for college students, with the word “drunkorexia” appearing in news headlines -- and alarming parents -- for a few years now. But a new study, presented this week at the Research Society on Alcoholism’s annual meeting, suggests the behavior may be more common than previously thought. Eight out of 10 college students who participated in the study said they had recently engaged in at least one behavior related to drunkorexia. 

Police Confront the Price Tag of Prepping for Guns on Campus

Chronicle of Higher Education

June 30, 2016

Leaving aside the rationale for allowing guns on campus, the idea that classmates may be packing heat in lecture halls or dormitory rooms will become routine in some students’ lives. And that reality is forcing campus-safety departments to rethink their policing by hiring more officers, altering facilities, and educating the public.

Report: Nearly 1 in 10 2-Year Students Can't Get Federal Loans

Inside Higher Ed

June 30, 2016

The Institute for College Access and Success released a new report Wednesday that finds nearly one in 10 community college students, or 9 percent, don't have access to federal student loans because their institutions don't offer them.
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