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We were unable to find any member institutions that start with the letter T.

Tabor College Dr. Jules Glanzer Hillsboro, KS
Talladega College Dr. Billy C. Hawkins Talladega, AL
Talmudic College of Florida Rabbi Yitzchak Zweig Miami Beach, FL
Talmudical Academy of New Jersey Mr. Charles Semah Adelphia, NJ
Talmudical Institute of Upstate New York Rabbi M. Davidowitz Rochester, NY
Talmudical Seminary of Bobov Rabbi Joseph Deutsch Brooklyn, NY
Talmudical Seminary Oholei Torah Rabbi Moshe Susskind Brooklyn, NY
Talmudical Yeshiva of Philadelphia Mr. Erwin Weinberg Philadelphia, PA
Taylor University Dr. Paul L. Haines Upland, IN
Telshe Yeshiva - Chicago Rabbi A. Levin Chicago, IL
Texas Christian University Dr. Victor J. Boschini, Jr. Fort Worth, TX
Texas College Dr. Dwight J. Fennell Tyler, TX
Texas Lutheran University Dr. Stuart Dorsey Seguin, TX
Texas Wesleyan University Dr. Frederick G. Slabach Fort Worth, TX
The Baptist College of Florida Dr. Thomas A Kinchen Graceville, FL
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Dr. Michele Nealon-Woods Los Angeles, CA
The College of Idaho Dr. Bob Hoover Caldwell, ID
The College of Saint Rose Dr. Carolyn J. Stefanco Albany, NY
The College of St. Scholastica Dr. Colette M. Geary Duluth, MN
The College of Wooster Dr. Sarah Bolton Wooster, OH