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We were unable to find any member institutions that start with the letter U.

U.T.A. Mesivta of Kiryas Joel Mr. Elias Horowitz Monroe, NY
Union College Dr. Marcia A. Hawkins Barbourville, KY
Union College Dr. Stephen Ainlay Schenectady, NY
Union Institute & University Dr. Roger H. Sublett Cincinnati, OH
Union Theological Seminary Dr. Serene Jones New York, NY
Union University Dr Samuel W. Oliver Jackson, TN
United States Sports Academy Dr. T.J. Rosandich Daphne, AL
United Talmudical Seminary Rabbi A. Teitelbaum Brooklyn, NY
United Theological Seminary Dr. Kent Millard Dayton, OH
Unity College Dr. Melik Peter Khoury Unity, ME
University of Bridgeport Dr. Neil Albert Salonen Bridgeport, CT
University of Dallas Mr. Thomas W. Keefe Irving, TX
University of Dayton Dr. Eric F. Spina Dayton, OH
University of Denver Dr. Rebecca S. Chopp Denver, CO
University of Detroit Mercy Dr. Antoine M. Garibaldi Detroit, MI
University of Dubuque Rev. Jeffrey F. Bullock Dubuque, IA
University of Evansville Dr. Thomas A. Kazee Evansville, IN
University of Hartford Dr. Gregory Woodward West Hartford, CT
University of Indianapolis Dr. Robert L. Manuel Indianapolis, IN
University of La Verne Dr. Devorah A. Lieberman La Verne, CA