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Round-up: Coronavirus Crisis - March 19, 2020

March 19, 2020

Today’s top stories regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and higher education. Also, see NAICU's Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Resources webpage.
To Fight Coronavirus, Colleges Sent Students Home. Now Will They Refund Tuition?
The Wall Street Journal (March 19, 2020)
Should Feds Make Students' Loan Payments During Crisis?
Inside Higher Ed (March 19, 2020)
Veterans’ Advocates Urge Congress to Protect GI Bill Benefits as Colleges Move Classes Online
The Washington Post (March 19, 2020)
Overdue: Closing Libraries
Inside Higher Ed (March 19, 2020)
Coronavirus Creates Challenges for Students Returning From Abroad
The Chronicle of Higher Education (March 18, 2020)
The Covid-19 Crisis Is Widening the Gap Between Secure and Insecure Instructors
The Chronicle of Higher Education (March 18, 2020)
No Dartmouth Discount After COVID-19 Closing
New Hampshire Union Leader (March 19, 2020)
How One Minnesota School Crammed to Get 860 Classes Online as COVID-19 Keeps Students Away
Star Tribune, Minneapolis (March 19, 2020)
At Stanford and Other Private Colleges, Coronavirus Is Forcing Thousands to Evacuate
Los Angeles Times (March 19, 2020)
How the Coronavirus Affects College Admissions
U.S. News & World Report (March 19, 2020)
What Is a College Education in the Time of Coronavirus? - Opinion
The New York Times (March 19, 2020)
Federal Rescue Package for Higher Ed - Opinion
Inside Higher Ed (March 19, 2020)
Why Some Colleges Can Give Students a Refund This Spring and Others Can't – Presidential Opinion (March 19, 2020)

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