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Round-Up: Coronavirus Crisis - July 21, 2020

July 21, 2020

Today’s top stories regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and higher education. Also, see NAICU's Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Resources webpage.
Colleges Hoped for an In-Person Fall. Now the Dream Is Crumbling.
The Chronicle of Higher Education (July 21, 2020)
Why Some Colleges Embraced a Virtual Fall Sooner Than Others (July 21, 2020)
Will the Pandemic Blow Up College in America?
Politico Magazine (July 21, 2020)
Budget Cuts, Layoffs, Furloughs – COVID-19’s Effect on Colleges Will Shape Higher Ed for Decades
The Boston Globe (July 21, 2020)
The 'Half-Campus' Model
Inside Higher Ed (July 21, 2020)
Will Single Dorm Rooms Be Enough to Ensure Safe Campus Housing This Fall? (July 21, 2020)
House Extends CARES Act Protections to Private Student Loans
Newsweek (July 21, 2020)
Here’s the Very Short List of Colleges Offering Tuition Discounts for Distance Learning This Fall (July 21, 2020)
College Plans This Fall Make It Hard for Landlords to Predict Off-Campus Housing Demand
Albany Business Review (July 21, 2020)
SUNY Excelsior Scholarship 'May Have To Be Reduced' Because of COVID Losses
WHEC10-TV, Rochester, NY (July 21, 2020)
NC College Requires COVID-19 Tests for $129. Students Could Get Stuck With the Bill
The News & Observer, Raleigh, NC (July 21, 2020)
The Ethics of Reopening – Presidential Opinion
Inside Higher Ed (July 21, 2020)
USS University - Opinion (July 21, 2020)
To Fight the Pandemic, Here’s My Must-Do List – Opinion
The New York Times (July 21, 2020)
Make Second Stimulus Payments Tax-Deductible for Online Learning - Opinion (July 21, 2020)

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