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Round-up: Coronavirus Crisis: July 6, 2021

July 06, 2021

Recent stories regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and higher education. Also, see NAICU's Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Resources webpage.
Why Young Adults Are Among the Biggest Barriers to Mass Immunity
The New York Times (June 28, 2021)
The Vaccination Debate on College Campuses: A Mandate Or Not? And for Whom?
The Philadelphia Inquirer (June 28, 2021)
Colorado College Drops Its Mask Mandate, Leading a Chorus of Higher Education Institutions
CPR (June 29, 2021)
Here’s a List of Colleges That Will Require Students or Employees to Be Vaccinated Against Covid-19
The Chronicle of Higher Education (July 1, 2021)
University of St. Thomas Giving Away a TV, Tuition Breaks, Gift Cards to Encourage COVID Vaccination
The Star-Tribune, Minneapolis, MN (July 1, 2021)
Tying Colleges’ Hands
Inside Higher Ed (June 30, 2021)
How Will Student Loan Borrowers Fare After the Pandemic?
The Pew Trusts (June 30, 2021)
DeSantis Signs Bill Shielding Colleges, Universities From Student Lawsuits Seeking Refunds
The St. Augustine (June 30, 2021)
IUP Should Consider Mask Options - Editorial
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (June 26, 2021)
A University Meets Vacine Resistance - Opinion
Chicago Tribune (June 27, 2021)
Students Should Want COVID Vaccine - Opinion
The Eagle, Bryan, TX (June 27, 2021)
Vaccine Mandates Are Coming. Good. – Opinion
The New York Times (June 30, 2021)

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