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The Six Presidential Associations Endorse NAFSA Study Abroad Report

NAFSA:  Association of International Educators has recently issued a study on effective institutional management of study-abroad programs.  The report is the result of a task force established by NAFSA, which included presidents of public and private colleges.  The study follows recent media coverage of study-abroad programs raising questions about some institutional practices in this area.

The report is intended to be user-friendly, and centers around 14 clear criteria for well-run programs.  Its brevity and clarity make it a good starting point for more comprehensive internal conversation and policy review by campuses with study-abroad programs.  

In commenting on the report, NAICU President David Warren said, "NAFSA has performed an important service to the higher education community.  The task force has issued a highly accessible and informative document that any president would find useful in reviewing institutional study-abroad practices.  I hope NAICU members will take the time to review the report, and to circulate it to the appropriate offices on campus."

The document can be found on the NAFSA Web site.

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