NAICU Washington Update

U-CAN Announces First Major Data Overhaul

Since it was launched last September, the University & College Accountability Network (U-CAN, has met with remarkable success.  To date, nearly 300,000 visitors have viewed more than 800,000 U-CAN profile pages.  Recent focus groups of parents of college-age students have found U-CAN a valuable source of vital information in making college choices.  Some individual profiles have received over 20,000 views, and an increasing number of high school college counselors are using U-CAN in advising students.
A key factor in U-CAN's success is that the data displayed is consistent across all institutions, making it possible for students and their parents to compare profiles.  To keep the data as current as possible, we've established a regular update schedule. The spring update period began on Tuesday, June 10 and will last until July 23.  During this time, all participating institutions are asked to bring their U-CAN profile information up to date.  (Detailed instructions have already been sent to the campus contacts for U-CAN.)
If your institution is not yet participating in U-CAN, this may be an especially appropriate time to join with the 682 private colleges and universities that are already part of this highly visible consumer information effort.  NAICU staff are available to talk with you about any questions or hesitancy you may have about participating.

We look forward to continued success as we move toward U-CAN's first anniversary in September.  At that time, we plan to unveil several enhancements that will improve the user experience.  We encourage campuses to update information, so that your institution's profile will be available for students and their families during the fall semester.  And thanks for your help in making U-CAN a resounding success.

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