NAICU Washington Update

HEA Negotiated Rulemaking Meetings Underway

February 23, 2009

The Department of Education has now started the lengthy negotiated rulemaking (or "neg reg") process that will be used to implement provisions of the new Higher Education Act.  The formal meetings began in Washington, D.C., on February 18, and will continue until the end of May.  The proposed regulations developed through this process should be available for public review and comment this summer.

All together, five different negotiating teams have been established to help the Department hammer out draft regulations for Title IV.  Two will focus on loans, one on accreditation and transfer of credit, and one on early intervention programs. The final, catch-all neg-reg team will wrestle with a diverse array of topics -- including many of the new reporting requirements, amended rules on program integrity, and some aspects of the campus-based aid and LEAP programs.

NAICU's nominees who were accepted as negotiators included Susan Hattan, NAICU senior consultant, who will serve on the accreditation panel; Scott Fleming, Georgetown University; and Suzanne Day, Harvard University. Both Fleming and Day will serve on the catch-all panel.  Maureen Budetti, NAICU director of student aid policy, is coordinating NAICU's efforts in this area, and will be monitoring all of the negotiation sessions.

Check our HEA 101 Web site for updated information as the process unfolds.