NAICU Washington Update

Nearly 65% of NAICU Members Enlist in Yellow Ribbon Program

June 29, 2009

A nearly-final official listing of participants in the post-9/11 GI Bill "Yellow Ribbon" program includes over 725 private, nonprofit colleges and universities.  Approximately 65% of NAICU members have signed up to offer this supplemental tuition aid to eligible veterans.   These numbers will increase slightly on June 30, when the Department of Veterans Affairs is slated to put the finishing touches on the list.

In a statement issued on June 22, NAICU President David Warren commented, "We are pleased with the high level of interest that our institutions have shown in serving student veterans, through the Yellow Ribbon program and other campus aid resources, especially given the economic pressures of the time and the administrative hurdles associated with implementing a major new federal program."  He also noted that participation in the Yellow Ribbon program is not the only indication of an institution's interest in serving veterans, and urged veterans to take a close look at independent colleges to find the best fit for their needs and interests.

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