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Building Blocks to 2020: Private Colleges Answer the Call

June 03, 2010

NAICU and the Council of Independent Colleges have unveiled the framework by which we hope to collect, share, and illustrate private colleges and universities collective efforts to help the nation lead the world in college completion by the year 2020.

The "Building Blocks to 2020: Independent Colleges Answer the Call" was first announced by David L Warren at the NAICU Annual Meeting in February.  The association recognizes that private, non-profit colleges already have the greatest success rate of all sectors in college persistence and completion.  Nonetheless, NAICU believes we can and should do more.

Through the new Building Blocks to 2020 Website, NAICU will be able to share your success stories, show what works, and pass it on, so more students can succeed.  Through the Building Blocks to 2020 YouTube channel, we are taking advantage of new media to illustrate in a more personal way just how our colleges and universities are reaching out and supporting students as they work toward degree completion.

The launch on Tuesday, June 1, marks NAICU's first membership-wide appeal to our members to "Answer the Call."  You can start by completing the Access and Success Survey.  Nearly 200 NAICU member institutions have already shared what they are already doing on campus to increase access and retention.  Then tell us about initiatives you are exploring or expanding by filling out our short two-page survey on your future plans.  Finally, as the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words," so send us a video at to be posted on our growing 2020 YouTube Channel.

The goal of making the United States first in the world in college completion by the year 2020 reflects a wide special interest by both major political parties and many foundations.  Without the active support of NAICU members, America's private colleges will be left out of this important national conversation.

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