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IRS Partners With Local Organizations to Offer Free Tax Help

September 02, 2010

The Internal Revenue Service has expanded its free face-to-face tax assistance efforts by partnering with local businesses and other organizations in each state to offer additional services to taxpayers.  Colleges and universities may be interested in establishing these partnerships and offering these services to students, who might need help in preparing their tax returns, and the local community.

IRS taxpayer assistance centers exist all over the country and offer face-to-face help on resolving problems, answering individual's return questions, or for taxpayers who are simply more comfortable with in-person assistance. There is no charge for services, and no appointments are necessary. These services are offered through local IRS offices, typically located in federal buildings.

More recently, the IRS has been reaching out to local businesses and organizations to expand these taxpayer assistance efforts.  If your institution is interested in this type of partnership with the IRS, go to the "contact my local office" page on the IRS website.  The partnership contact information is specific to each state.

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