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Admissions Counselors to Review Recruitment of Foreign Students

December 19, 2011

Given the growing number of foreign students attending U.S. colleges in recent years, the National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) will convene a Commission on International Student Recruitment in 2012 to consider issues relating to their recruitment.

Historically, some admissions staff have expressed concern that international students may not be treated properly by colleges that are over-eager in their recruitment practices.  There is also has been a particular concern that paying recruiters incentive compensation - that is, on a "per head" basis - could encourage abuse.  Under current federal law, colleges or third-party recruiters are prohibited from paying admissions representatives based on the number of U.S. students they recruit to an institution.  However, the prohibition doesn't apply to recruitment of foreign students, who are not eligible for federal student aid.

Since many legitimate U.S. colleges are increasingly using recruiters and recruiting agencies, NACAC is establishing the commission, composed of interested parties, to explore questions surrounding the protection of international students, and how schools might best recruit them.  As part of its work, the commission will explore the legitimate use of commissioned recruiters.  NAICU will participate in the commission, and welcomes members' input on the issue.

NACAC has posted more details on the commission, a timetable for its deliberations, and a full list of commission members on the NACAC website.

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