NAICU Washington Update

Identity Crisis?

September 07, 2011

The virtually unlimited expansion of web top-level domains - previously confined to a handful of designations such as .com or .edu - presents colleges with more choices and challenges than they may have initially imagined. 

Colleges now have the opportunity not only to consider adopting web addresses that better define themselves, but also to consider pre-emptive action blocking those that don't - notably the new .xxx domain designation for "adult" sites.

Registration for .xxx sites begins this month.  Institutions with trademarked names can now register their names on the site to preclude others from doing so.  Those without trademarked names may still be able to protect them when open registrations begin in December.

EDUCAUSE has posted a brief overview of the registration and blocking processes.  Also see the September 2 Inside Higher Ed story on the issue for additional information.  Detailed information on the .xxx site registration process is available from IPRota, which is working with ICM Registry (the firm behind the .xxx sites) in handling site registration.

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