NAICU Washington Update

Institutional Gainful Employment Rates to Be Released

April 06, 2012

The Department of Education has announced that this spring it will publicly release the 2011 institutional Gainful Employment (GE) Informational Rates. The 2011 rates will not, however, result in any sanctions.

The rates are calculated by the Department based on data submitted by the institutions, and include for each GE program:

  • Student debt-to-earnings annual rate
  • Debt-to-earnings discretionary rate
  • Loan repayment rate
  • Loan median amounts broken down into Title IV loan debt, private loan debt, and institutional financing debt.

Institutions can directly receive GE notification packages that include GE rates and back-up data by having their "primary destination point administrator" sign up via the SAIG Enrollment Web site by April 27.  Most, but not all, of an institution's GE information will be available on-line later.

The announcement - #33, released March 21 and technically updated on March 22 - also provides information on obtaining future GE information through the National Student Loan Data System.

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