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NAFSA Advises Importance of SEVIS Recertification

January 25, 2012

NAICU is working with NAFSA:  Association of International Educators, to spread the word about the importance of knowing the details of the bi-annual recertification process each college and university must complete to protect the international students enrolled at your institution.  NAFSA has an enormous amount of expertise and offers a range of assistance in this area.

The ability to enroll international students at your institution depends in large part on a bi-annual recertification conducted by the Department of Homeland Security.  A school that fails to be recertified will have its certification withdrawn and current international students will have to interrupt their studies and transfer to a new school   or depart the United States. Furthermore, a school that fails to be recertified will not be able to enroll new international students for at least a year, and the school must be recertified.

A school that is in compliance with the complicated immigration laws that regulate its certification has nothing to fear about the recertification process. We encourage you to review products offered by NAFSA like the NAFSA Adviser's Manual that describes and explains the immigration rules and procedures that affect your ability to invite international students, faculty, and researchers to your institution.

NAFSA also offers conferences and Web content  designed to help your employees maintain institutional compliance and continue your commitment to international education.

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