NAICU Washington Update

Task Force Reviews and Analyzes Existing Regulatory Requirements

June 11, 2014

During its second meeting, the Task Force on Government Regulation of Higher Education discussed regulatory requirements in the areas of student financial aid, campus security, data collection, disclosures, and accreditation and identified a number of specific requirements that are particularly problematic for institutions.

Of particular interest to NAICU, reform of the federal financial responsibility standards was among the issues highlighted by the group. Two years of intensive work by the NAICU Financial Responsibility Task Force identified serious flaws and inconsistencies in the application of these standards. Following the Department of Education’s decision to reject the reforms proposed by the Task Force (See July 2, 2013, Washington Update), we have explored legislative options for addressing these problems.

In addition to considering the specific requirements that should be drawn to the attention of Congress for reform, the Task Force on Government Regulation discussed possible broader reforms of the regulatory process. There are several overarching laws and Executive Orders that play a role in the process. Modifications in areas such as the law governing the Department of Education’s negotiated rulemaking process might provide needed regulatory relief.

The group will hold its next meeting this Fall and plans to issue a final report by the end of the year.

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