NAICU Washington Update

Postsecondary Institutions Ratings System Release Pushed to Fall

May 22, 2014

Deputy Undersecretary Jamienne Studley, writing on the Department of Education’s Homeroom blog, provided an update on the progress related to the development of President Obama’s Postsecondary Institutions Ratings System (PIRS), and confirmed that the schedule for release has been pushed back.

“The scope of responses, complexity of the task, and importance of doing this thoughtfully and usefully led us to decide that it is worth taking more time before publishing a proposal for comment, interchange and improvement. In the meantime we are continuing conversations with educators, families, leaders and researchers,” Studley wrote in the blog.

Progress toward releasing the plan this spring has been slow. According to Studley, the Department is “on track to come out with a proposal by this fall” and have a final version of the ratings plan “in place for the 2015-2016 school year.”

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