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It’s Voter Registration Time Again in New Jersey and Virginia

August 29, 2017

New Jersey and Virginia will hold gubernatorial elections on Election Day, November 7.  Colleges and universities in both states, are required to distribute voter registration forms to their students as prescribed in the 1998 Higher Education Act. This requirement applies to all federal and gubernatorial elections, as well as to special elections for such offices.
The requirement may be met by providing access to the forms electronically through an email message devoted exclusively to voter registration.

NAICU has spearheaded the higher education community’s national voter education, registration, and GOTV effort since the mid-1990s under the guise of The National Campus Voter Registration Project.  The project’s website, Your Vote, Your Voice, lists the statutory language as well as other useful resources.  Students may register to vote or request absentee ballot requests at the U.S. Vote Foundation website.
National Voter Registration Month, National Voter Registration Day, Sept 26
The National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) has declared September as National Voter Registration Month. The object is to celebrate democracy and make voting part of back-to-school and back-to-business routines. NASS encourages eligible individuals to register to vote, check their voter registration information, and sign-up for election alerts and reminders from state or local election offices. 

NAICU member colleges and universities may choose to align planned voter registration activities with National Voter Registration Day on September 26, 2017. Volunteers and organizations from all over the country will hit the streets for this important civic event. Help organize a voter registration event on your campus or link your existing event to National Voter Registration Day to take advantage of the many resources the coalition has to offer and to see your event listed on the NVRD national map. Visit for more information.


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