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College Board Releases Higher Education Trends Data

November 12, 2017

According to recently released data from the College Board, colleges and universities are responding to a continued drop in both median family income and federal grant aid by increasing the amount of institutional resources provided to students.  The College Board’s recently released trends in higher education reports provide detail on college pricing and student aid for the entire higher education sector.

The College Board’s data show that institutional grant aid has become the primary source of financial aid funds since 2011-12.  First-time, full-time students at private, nonprofit four-year colleges and universities, for example, received more than 80 percent of their grant aid from their institution in 2014-15.  According to the Department of Education, private, nonprofit colleges provided nearly $32 billion in institutional aid to students and families.

While the average published price for tuition and fees has risen in all sectors, the net price to attend a private, nonprofit college or university, which has gradually increased, is actually lower today than it was ten years ago ($14,530 for 2017-18 and $15,270 in 2007-08). 

The College Board releases its Trends in College Price and Trends in Student Aid reports each fall.

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