Former Obama Administration Officials Team Up to Defend Consumer Protection Regulations

September 25, 2017

A group of former Obama Administration officials have teamed up to combat what they see as attempts by the Trump Administration to roll back consumer protections enacted during the Obama presidency. The group, known as the National Student Legal Defense Network, plans to work with state attorneys general and consumer advocacy groups to pursue legal action to prevent the Trump Administration from overturning consumer protection rules and regulations.
Since the Trump Administration took office in January, it has repealed, delayed, or modified a number of Obama Administration policies, including the borrower defenses to repayment and gainful employment regulations. The Network argues that it is necessary because of the policy developments and statements by Secretary DeVos concerning student consumer protections.
Specifically, the Trump Administration has announced negotiated rulemaking sessions on both borrower defenses to repayment and gainful employment regulations that will begin in November.  They have also set up a special subcommittee to review the accounting practices under the federal financial responsibility system.  This review of accounting practices has been a longtime policy goal of NAICU, which plans to nominate negotiators for all three panels.