NAICU Washington Update

In Amicus Brief, Higher Education Associations Stress Importance of International Students and Scholars

September 25, 2017

UPDATE (September 25, 2017 4:00 PM EDT): The Supreme Court has announced that the hearing scheduled for October 10 has been cancelled.  The parties have been asked for new briefs by October 5, addressing whether or not the case is now moot because the original expiration date for the order has been reached. 

NAICU has joined ACE and 28 other higher education associations in an amicus curie brief to the Supreme Court in the case challenging the president’s executive order, commonly known as “the travel ban.” 

The higher education brief does not take a position on the constitutional issues involving religious discrimination or presidential authority raised by the executive order.  Instead, it reminds the court, which will hear the case on October 10, about the important role of international students and scholars in strengthening America’s colleges and universities, and through them, the American economy and society.  The brief points out that the immigration policy embodied in the executive order sends a message of exclusion that discourages international students and scholars from coming to the United States to study, teach and do research.  “When the United States immigration policy manifests a message of exclusion—not to mention an actually exclusionary effect, as here—fewer students and scholars chose to attend our universities.”

The brief asks the court to weigh the adverse effects on American higher education caused by the executive order when considering the issues presented by this case.

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