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Department of State Issues Notification Requirement for Chinese Officials

October 24, 2019

The United States Department of State has issued a notice in the Federal Register requiring Chinese government officials to notify the Department prior to visiting any U.S. college or university campus.  
The Department is concerned that China is no longer participating in reciprocal educational and cultural exchange. In a letter to higher education organizations informing them of the notice, the Department explained that the Chinese government has prevented diplomats, scholars and researchers from the United States and other countries from visiting their colleges for educational and cultural programming. 
In conversations with association representatives, the Department made clear that the notice would not impart any reporting requirements on institutions and that colleges are not responsible for whether Chinese visitors notify the Department prior to a visit.  The Department reiterated that it is only requiring Chinese representative to provide advance notice of visits.
Chinese officials will also be required to notify state, local and municipal offices, public or private educational institutions, and public or private research institutions, including national laboratories, before visiting those locations.
Any questions about the notice or other issues related to international educational and cultural exchange can be directed to the Office of Foreign Missions via email at .

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