NAICU Washington Update

$55.6 Million in Student Loan Relief Provided to 1,800 Borrowers

July 15, 2021

The Department of Education announced it has approved a total of 1,800 borrower defense claims, totaling $55.6 million in student loan relief.  According to the agency, borrowers who attended the Court Reporting Institute (CRI), Marinello Schools of Beauty, and Westwood College received 100% loan discharges. 

These claims cover the following categories: 1) program completion at CRI; 2) educational services at Marinello; and 3) the ability to transfer credits to other campuses and employment prospects in the criminal justice program in Illinois at Westwood. 

This latest round of approved borrower defense claims comes on the heels of the Department’s approval of claims from students that attended ITT Technical Institute.

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