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Under Increasing Financial Pressure, Colleges Consider Mergers—Cautiously

Chronicle of Higher Education
March 4, 2015

Laura Schweitzer, president of Union Graduate College, and Anthony G. Collins, president of Clarkson University, take pains to emphasize that their two institutions are strong. Both are running in the black, the presidents say, and both could continue to do what they do for some years into the future. But both leaders concede that their colleges would be better prepared for that future together.

How One University Unexpectedly Found Itself Ranked Among the ‘25 Most Dangerous Colleges’

Chronicle of Higher Education
March 4, 2015

Drake officials knew something was amiss when they saw the list of most-dangerous colleges. The website said it had used data from the federal Office of Postsecondary Education’s Campus Safety and Security Statistics database. Yet that database tracks crimes by the calendar year, not the academic year.

Columbus College of Art and Design President Gone After Less Than a Year

The Columbus Dispatch (OH)
March 4, 2015

Eight months after being hired to lead a branding revamp of the Columbus College of Art & Design, Thomas White has resigned as president of the private arts school.  College leaders announced the change on Tuesday in a three-sentence news release.

Bloomfield College to Simplify Tuition, Offer 'One Cost' for Attendance
March 4, 2015

In an effort to be more "straight forward" about how much it costs to attend college, Bloomfield College will adopt a new pricing structure later this year that lists a single price for attending the private school, campus officials said today.
Starting in the fall, Bloomfield College will eliminate its individual course fees, comprehensive fee and other charges and combine all tuition and fee costs into one rate — $27,800 for full-time undergraduates. School officials said they believe the school the first college in New Jersey to adopt the simplified "tuition-only model."

Benedict College Readies for President Obama’s Visit

The State (Columbia, SC)
March 4, 2015

President Barack Obama’s visit to Benedict College on Friday will bring attention to the private Columbia school and create memories for its 2,444 students.  Obama is making his first trip to South Carolina since winning the state’s Democratic presidential primary in 2008.

The Right Fit

Inside Higher Ed - Presidential Opinion
March 4, 2015

Nancy Gray, President, Hollins University writes: The viability of women’s colleges is one of those evergreen topics in higher education that has again come to the forefront with the announcement that Sweet Briar College will be closing at the end of this academic year. I am saddened to learn of this decision. But I am convinced, after 15 years of experience leading women’s colleges, that the closing of one college does not portend the fall of others.

Obama's education ideas

Worcester, Mass., Telegram - Presidential Opinion
March 4, 2015

Francesco C. Cesareo, President, Assumption College: According to a February 2, 2015 Wall Street Journal article the administration's fiscal 2016 budget includes $32.2 billion for Pell grants, which is a minuscule increase over last year and raises the maximum award amount by only $140 per student. According to The New York Times, the same budget also calls for $60 billion over 10 years to provide a tuition-free community college education to eligible students. That $60 billion, or even a quarter of that amount, would benefit more students and address the college affordability challenge faced by so many American families if it were instead earmarked for additional Pell Grant funding.

'Corinthian 15' Student Debt Strike Picks Up Congressional Endorsement

Huffington Post
March 3, 2015

ormer for-profit college students who publicly announced a "debt strike" have gained a prominent endorsement from an influential member of Congress. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) said Tuesday she supports the 15 former students who declared last week they won't make payments on their federal student loans. Waters, the top Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee, is the first member of Congress to publicly endorse the actions of the striking debtors, who refuse to repay loans taken out to attend schools owned by Corinthian Colleges Inc., the troubled owner of schools that the U.S. Department of Education recently bailed out.

Sweet Briar College to close because of financial challenges

Washington Post
March 3, 2015

Fifty years ago, there were 230 women’s colleges in the United States, according to the Women’s College Coalition. Now, after decades of shutdowns, mergers and coed conversions, there are little more than 40. Some women’s colleges remain among the most durable brands in higher education, including Smith, Wellesley, Barnard, Bryn Mawr and historically black Spelman. But others, like Sweet Briar, have faced an increasing financial squeeze and have scrambled to attract new students.

Voices: What One College Music Video Says About the Future

USA Today College
March 3, 2015

Three days. Approximately 12 inches of snow. 1300 students snowbound in 2.6 square miles of Wilmore, Kentucky. One music video. Over 8,600 YouTube views…and counting.  Asbury University, a small, private college in central Kentucky, was closed down for three days due to record snowfall and cold weather. While most of the students spent their time getting hot drinks from the campus café or playing in the snow, one group decided to do something more: they created an Uptown Funk music video, which they posted on YouTube on Feb. 18.

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