Bryant University (RI)

The 4MILE@Bryant program at Bryant University is a transition/mentoring program for first-year minority students from the U.S., as well as international students. First-year minority and international students are invited to attend a one-week transition program that begins the week before fall classes start. Students are acclimated to the campus and exposed to the various resources available to them to help in their success.

With the guidance of the Intercultural Center professional staff, 4MILE counselors (current students) help them through the weeklong program and their first year at the university. The counselors work to ensure that students' cultural, academic, personal, and social needs are being met (tutoring, financial aid, counseling, homesickness, etc.). The program also includes an orientation for parents.

Funding comes from the institution and private sources.

Bottom Line:  In 2007, 90 percent of participants were retained in their first year.

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