Academic Planning and Support Services

St. Edward's University (TX)

The Academic Planning and Support Services (APSS) program staff at St. Edward's University offers comprehensive services to help students succeed.

APSS helps entering traditional students transition to college life through the university's First-Year Experience. Sixteen first-year seminars are co-taught by academic counselors and a faculty member. Academic counselors teach a class on effective college learning, required for students who are on academic probation.

The APSS offers the Academic Exploration Program for students who are undecided about a major and a career. Students attend a majors fair, presentations by speakers, informational workshops, and an alumni panel linked to AEP first-year seminars. The APSS also provides students with a full-time academic counselor, who meets with students to discuss their academic profile.

Support for the APSS comes from the institution and private donations.

Bottom Line:  Since 2003, the freshmen-to-sophomore retention rate has ranged from 82 percent to 85 percent.

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