ACE Program

Pikeville College (KY)

Staff members at Pikeville College attribute ACE Program successes to planned program services that include tutoring, mentoring, and intensive academic monitoring and counseling to ensure that students stay on track with their grades. All first-time freshman participants received peer mentoring services with at least 8 contacts during the first semester, as well as planned mentor Meet and Greet sessions and meetings in the ACE office. An intensive mentoring program was established for all new freshmen regardless of background at the end of fall 09. There is a system in place that allows assessment of students' needs quickly.

Bottom Line: The program provided support and services to 160 low-income, first-generation, and/or disabled undergraduates of whom 81% achieved a 2.00 or higher GPA during 2009-2010. 74% of ACE participants returned Fall 2010 or graduated during 2009-2010.

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