Achieving a College Education Program

Keuka College (NY)

The Achieving a College Education (ACE) program at Keuka College  serves low-income and first-generation students, students with disabilities, and any other incoming freshman who is recommended by his/her admissions counselor, academic advisor, and/or parent.

The program pairs participating students with upperclass members who serve as consultants/coaches. The coach is available for individual instruction in time management, study skills, and other academic issues that might impede student success. In addition, student progress is monitored by staff in the college's office of academic success, who share their findings with faculty through reports.

Funding comes from the institution. Since 2005, 181 students have been invited to participate in the ACE program, with a total of 79 students electing to participate.

Bottom Line:  The first semester GPAs of the participants averaged 2.51, while the first semester GPAs of the non-participations averaged 1.82. Of the 2005 participants, 61 percent are still enrolled at the college or graduated.  In comparison, 40 percent of eligible non-participants are still enrolled.

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