Allies--First-Generation, Under-represented Students

Trinity University (TX)

Trinity University has scholarships specifically designed for first-generation college students, and an on-campus support program called Allies--First-Generation, Under-represented Students (FGUS). FGUS includes a summer bridge first-year seminar that begins (and ends) earlier than the regular semester; an early move-in option; a program for students and their families; peer mentoring; and ongoing academic and social programming during the academic year.

Upper-class students, staff, faculty and administrators, who themselves were FGUS, served as campus "allies," mentoring the incoming students. Sixteen percent of the university's student body are FGUS, and that number has grown in the past three years.

In addition, Trinity University has an Upward Bound and McNair Program, as well as an NSF STEM program for under-represented students in the sciences.  Funding comes from the institution and the federal government.

Bottom Line:  Although FGUS students arrive on campus with an SAT deficit, they do as well as other students in terms of GPA, retention rates from first to second year, and overall graduation rates.

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