Barnard Bound

Barnard College (NY)

[White House Summit on College Opportunity, Jan. 2014]

Barnard College seeks to reach 25 percent more students – increasing from 80 to 100 – through its “Barnard Bound” program, which offers low-income high school seniors a chance to visit the Barnard campus and get a sense of college life before the application process begins.  

Barnard also commits to extending campus visit opportunities for students and their families to help ensure it reaches a large number of New York State young women who are eligible for the Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP).  Furthermore, Barnard will expand its outreach to low-income families from New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. It will admit up to three additional students per year to the “Barnard Opportunity Program,” which offers non-New York State students the HEOP experiences of a summer “bridge” session before freshman year as well as ongoing tutoring and advising support.

Barnard will increase its marketing outreach within local area community colleges to inform students about Barnard and its programs, as well as expand its outreach to 5-10 additional community colleges across the country. Additionally, in 2014 and beyond, Barnard seeks to increase by 10 percent the number of students receiving support for Barnard’s summer “Pre-College Program” in partnership with community-based organizations.  Barnard will also identify 10 new high schools over the course of the next 2-3 years with low-income populations to establish stronger relationships, speaking about the college admission process in general, and offering workshops on financial aid to students and their parents/primary care givers.

Building on Existing Efforts: Barnard offers both on and off campus enrichment programs and activities and offers a comprehensive science and mathematics enrichment and college preparatory program to approximately 85 middle and high school students each year.  Through the HEOP and Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Programs, Barnard works with low-income undergraduates interested in STEM fields by providing a variety of support services throughout the year and a summer bridge program before college begins.  These two programs serve 120 students each year and have a proven track record with graduation rates that surpass the national average. Barnard also has a long history of partnering with community-based organizations to attract low-income students.