Campus Communities

Alma College (MI)

[White House Summit on College Opportunity, Jan. 2014]

Alma College will develop campus communities for low-income students, admitting an additional five to ten students from the Detroit Edison Public School Academy for the 2014 – 2015 school year. Once enrolled at Alma College, these students will meet for a week before the term starts to participate in workshops designed to address issues frequently encountered by low-income students. Throughout the year, this “community” will meet twice a week for study groups and once for a social event. During school breaks and spring term, the students will return to their high schools to work with students on college and service activities.

Building on Existing Efforts: Alma’s Opportunities and Connections program is a King-Chavez-Parks (KCP) initiative designed to provide support for Alma College students with a specific focus on those who are low-income. The KCP initiative is a state-wide program designed to increase access to and graduation from college amongst low-income students.  Alma College is the first and only small liberal arts program that is part of KCP.  This year, roughly one-fourth of the incoming class meets requirements for the KCP program and is eligible for need-based Pell grants.

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