Career Exploration Internship Program

St. Edward's University (TX)

St. Edward's University has submitted a federal Title V grant that if funded would support a Career Exploration Internship Program (CEIP) for academically-exploring freshman students the summer between their freshman and sophomore years.

CEIP would provide students with a paid, career-focused experiential opportunity that allows them to solidify their major and plans for pursuing a chosen career; shadow a career professional while gaining a better understanding and appreciation of a variety of professions in their field of study; and garner the support needed to succeed in college while preparing for life after graduation.

The launch date would be October 1, 2010, if the Title V grant is funded.

Bottom Line:  Success of the initiative would be assessed by measuring the six-year graduation rate for the 2010 freshman cohort and the sub-cohort of freshman who completed this initiative. The goal is to achieve a 70 percent graduation rate.

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