Center for Leadership, Calling, & Service

Trevecca Nazarene University (TN)

The Center for Leadership, Calling, & Service (CLCS) at Trevecca Nazarene University offers the LEAP program, a four-year sequence of events, classes, seminars, and counseling.  Each year's programming is designed according to the developmental stages of the student during their college years. 

The coordinator of each year's program has developed a mentoring/teaching/support system for freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior year students. The sequence is designed to support them with the issues that they deal with at each level of the university experience.

 In addition, the center provides an academic support center, counseling center, remedial education programs, and peer mentoring program for all students. The center operates a complete freshman year experience programs which include orientation, freshman seminar, and peer mentoring program. Funding comes from the institution.

Bottom Line:  Three years into the program, the university has seen a decrease in the number of drop-outs between the first year and second year.