Syracuse Challenge

Syracuse University (NY)

The Syracuse Challenge is a program sponsored jointly by the Syracuse City School District and Syracuse University to provide every deserving young person in the school district an opportunity for a quality college education. The program challenges students to meet pre-determined academic goals. If those goals are met, the university guarantees admission to the College of Arts and Sciences with financial assistance to the full extent of financial need.

High school students who are part of the Syracuse Challenge are supported by the encouragement of parents or guardians, high school faculty, and guidance offices; and through continued interaction with Syracuse University, including representatives of the Office of Admissions. These representatives meet with the Director of Pupil Services to define the responsibilities specific to the Syracuse City School District and Syracuse University. They also develop a dedicated group of Syracuse Challenge Ambassadors comprised of current Syracuse University students who enrolled through the Syracuse Challenge. Ambassadors assist the Admissions Office with many outreach initiatives, including meeting with students at Syracuse City Schools to interact and discuss college life.

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