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America’s private colleges and universities are committed to making the United States first again in college completion by 2020. To date, we have posted 541 program summaries from 274 institutions. These institutions represent 41 states and the District of Columbia. You can browse projects by state, institution, or a variety of topic areas, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Adults and Nontraditional Student Programs
  • All Racial/Ethnic Minorities
  • Community College Partnerships
  • Developmental Support Initiatives
  • Federal Programs
  • Gender targeted
  • Hispanic/Latino-specific programs
  • Honors Program
  • K-12/ College Preparation Programs
  • Learning Communities
  • Low-Income Student Programs
  • Physical/Social/Psychological Support
  • State Programs
  • STEM programs
  • Unique/Specialized/Mission-specific programs

Adrian College Educational Success Project

Adrian College (MI)

The Adrian College Educational Success program provides first-generation students with faculty mentors who were themselves first-generation college students. The program also offers workshops on such topics as time management, managing impulsivity, and understanding financial aid. The first-to-second-year retention rate for the first group of ACES students was 85 percent, which is significantly higher than the 2008-2009 overall first-to-second-year retention rate of 74 percent. Support comes from the CIC/Walmart College Success Awards program.

GEMS -- Generating Excellence in Math and Science

Agnes Scott College (GA)

The GEMS Summer Scholars Program at Agnes Scott College encourages women to pursue math or science degrees. The competitive program is open to up to 14 incoming first-year women. GEMS includes a first-year seminar and creative problem-solving mathematics course in the summer before the freshman year. The summer program also incorporates leadership activities led by upper-class GEMS Resident Assistants on academic skills.

First Year Insight Program

Albertus Magnus College (CT)

Through the First Year Insight Program, first-year students at Albertus Magnus College take a seminar designed to promote academic success. All students also enroll in two writing-intensive humanities seminars that stress collaborative learning and develop the core knowledge and skills needed to excel academically.

Accelerated Degree Programs for Working Adults

Albright College (PA)

The Degree Start and Degree Completion programs at Albright College are accelerated degree programs for working adults and provide a convenient route to earning or completing a degree. Degree Start allows students to earn the general studies portion of their bachelor's degree in as little as two years, while working full time. After two years, students can transfer to Albright's Accelerated Degree Completion Program (DCP) or a traditional Albright daytime degree program.

Community College Partnerships

Albright College (PA)

Albright College has partnerships, transfer agreements, and scholarship provisions with numerous community colleges to ensure that associate degrees transfer fully. The college has hosted a Community College Partner Conference, bringing faculty, administrators, and executives from nine community colleges to campus to further enhance transfer partnerships.

Promoting Student Success, Access, and Completion

Albright College (PA)

Albright College support for low-income, minority, and first-generation students ranges from recruitment of minority high school students to programs which prepare students for the leap into college academic and social life. Other programs include a four-day orientation program for first-year students, freshman seminar and first-year and second-year programs in the residence halls to address typical student challenges.

Retention Task Force and Student Alert System

Albright College (PA)

The Retention Task Force initiatives at Albright College include comprehensive orientation programs, a first-year student seminar, and "House Call," in which faculty and staff visit students in their residence halls two weeks after classes start to identify student concerns - all focused on helping students prepare for college academic and social life.

Expanding Endowed Scholarships

Allegheny College (PA)

Allegheny College will expand financial aid by making endowed scholarships a primary focus of its upcoming capital campaign.

Campus Communities

Alma College (MI)

Alma College will develop campus communities for low-income students, admitting an additional five to ten students from the Detroit Edison Public School Academy for the 2014 – 2015 school year.

First-Generation Connections

Alma College (MI)

Alma College's Success Awards program plans to launch the First-Generation Connections program, which builds on previous efforts to provide first-generation students with academic and social support. The program will include a mentoring program that matches first-generation students with faculty members and peers for frequent informal interactions. Participating students will serve as peer mentors for the next group of incoming first-generation students. Alma College will also assist participating students with career development and choosing majors.
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