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Busting the Myths about Private Colleges

NAICU debunks the major myths surrounding private nonprofit colleges and universities. Visit to get the facts!

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President Obama's College Affordability/ Accountability Proposals

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Top Stories

The Student Debt Crisis Solution

Politico - Opinion Piece

October 5, 2015

Rep. Carolyn Maloney writes: At a recent hearing of the Joint Economic Committee, some Republicans argued that to get us out of this mess we should shrink access to federal loan programs and expand the private loan market. It’s a dangerous approach that could reduce access to college and expose students to new financial risks.Read More


Credentialing ‘Summit’ Will Tackle Proliferation of Degrees, Badges, and Certificates

Chronicle of Higher Education

October 5, 2015

More than 150 people from education, labor, business, and public-policy organizations will gather on Monday to kick off a process aimed at making better sense of the myriad of credentials that people use to advance their careers and employers depend upon when hiring. At issue are traditional credentials in academe and the workplace as well as newfangled ones like the badges issued by MOOC operators and certificates from other so-called alternative providers.Read More


Duncan Legacy: Innovation and Regulation

Inside Higher Ed

October 5, 2015

Arne Duncan, a member of President Obama's inner circle and the second-longest-serving education secretary ever, announced Friday that he will resign in December. He will be replaced by John King Jr., who has been acting as Duncan's deputy secretary since January and is former commissioner of education in New York.Read More


Other News

Wider-Ranging Rankings

Inside Higher Ed

April 29, 2015

The world may or may not need another college rankings system; on that question, commentators and pundits are divided. The creators of a new entry acknowledge the limitations of the genre, but argue that their version -- imperfect as it may be -- improves on the competition by analyzing thousands of colleges of all types (instead of hundreds of mostly selective ones) and assessing them based on how much the institutions themselves contribute to the economic success of their graduates.

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The Problem with President Obama’s College Ratings

Austin, Texas, Statesman - Presidential Opinion

April 22, 2015

Larry L. Earvin, President, Hutson-Tillotson University; Haywood L. Strickland, President Wiley College; Dwight Fennell, President, Texas College; & Lester Newman, President, Jarvis Christian College write: We are concerned that the potential our institutions offer could be undermined by a rating system that the U.S. Department of Education wants to impose on the nation’s colleges and universities: scores based on graduation rates, loan repayment, salaries and career outcomes. Such a system is likely to hurt, not help, our institutions and diminish higher education access for the students who flourish at colleges like ours. Low-income students, students who are the first in their families to attend college and students who need to make up for an inadequate high school education may not perform at the same level as their counterparts from higher-income families, depressing the ratings of colleges like ours whose core mission is to serve just such students. Misleading ratings could even discourage these students from considering HBCUs.

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What Stands to be Lost in Sales Tax Bill

Burlington, N.C., Times-News - Column

April 21, 2015

Leo Lambert, President, Elon University writes: What higher education doesn’t need: Another tax on students and their families. In its continuing efforts to overhaul the way North Carolina funds state government, the Senate has again set its sights on the state’s nonprofit community, with a specific target on hospitals and private colleges and universities. Senate Bill 700 would limit the sales tax exemption for larger nonprofits, requiring those organizations to pay sales tax on most of the goods and services they purchase.

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