It's time to double the Pell Grant maximum award from $6,495 to $13,000. 

Doubling the Pell Grant by the program's 50th anniversary next June is NAICU's top policy priority. We must also make it the top higher education priority for Congress and the Biden Administration. 

Pell Grants are a proven bipartisan program and the fairest and most efficient way to help low-income and first-generation students access and complete college. Additional grant aid helps keep low-income students in college and on track to graduation. Doubling Pell will put more money in the hands of students first, and allow them to use it at the college or training program that best fits their educational needs.

Doubling the Pell Grant, which currently benefits nearly seven million students, will also allow current students to receive increased grants, and grow the pool of eligible students, providing more working-class students access to aid.

Bipartisan support for significantly increasing the maximum grant is growing in Congress, as the pandemic made clear the serious need for additional grant aid for low-income students to stay in school and complete their college degrees.

This microwebsite is designed to assist NAICU-member institutions participate in the Double Pell campaign. 

To view the website developed by the higher education community, see: