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Protecting the independence of private, nonprofit institutions, and ensuring that all students, regardless of family income, have access to higher education, are the prisms through which NAICU views its policy choices and courses of action.  In its simplest form, NAICU’s policy mission focuses on student aid, tax policy and appropriate regulation.

Below are additional NAICU resources to assist member institutions.


Federal Issues Brief

Learn NAICU’s positions on range of federal higher education from our two-page leave behind on public policy topics.


Congressional Talking Points

NAICU encouragesHome and Away Logo member presidents to meet with their Congressional delegation whenever possible. Whether you are in Washington, DC, or Congress is in a state/district work period and your representatives are home, these meetings are opportunities to advocate on behalf of private, nonprofit higher education. NAICU has prepared talking points to help you convey and address the many issues currently facing private, nonprofit higher education.


Congressional Caucus

The Congressional Independent Colleges Caucus, with 78 members of Congress, was launched on January 31, 2017. 

Put Students First: Support College Choice

Ensuring students and families are able to choose - and afford - the college or university that best suits their individual and educational goals and objectives is a key driver in the advocacy work NAICU undertakes on behalf of its members. The first set of resources from the Students First Initiative, includes policy proposals and infographics on affordability and college completion. 

Student Aid Alliance

SaveStudentAid-Logo-Transparent.pngSupport the work of a coalition of 80 higher education organizations united in support of federal student aid. The Student Aid Alliance is raising awareness about the importance of federal student aid to America’s future via the Twitter campaign #SaveStudentAid

Free Public College

Track the advance of "free" public college programs across the country on this special webpage.  Learn about the features offered in each state and view the news and opinion articles written about these quickly growing programs.

Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) Resources

Increasingly, private, nonprofit colleges and universities are facing the ongoing challenge of defending their nonprofit tax status.  Knowing that these issues erupt in very different forms and at different times in states, NAICU developed a resource page that includes case studies, legal briefs, news reports and proven strategies to be used as a reference for NAICU members facing similar circumstances.

Contact Congress

Below are resources for NAICU-members to reach out to members of Congress.


Letters to Congress & the Administration

NAICU sends or signs-on to letters to Congress or key Administration officials on important public policy or regulatory issues, To view ecent letters...


Find recent webinars from NAICU's Government Relations team:

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Featuring: Sandy Baum, Ph.D.

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NAICU Policy Statement

View the ​NAICU Public Policy Objectives for the 116th Congress.