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Ohio by the Numbers

  • Ohio is home to more than 50 independent higher education institutions enrolling more than 165,000 students.
  • Ohio ranks ninth nationally in the number of students receiving Pell Grants, with 209,761 students receiving $792,028,524 annually.
  • Ohio ranks eighth in the number of students receiving Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants, with 37,975 students receiving $27,148,839 annually.
  • Ohio ranks eighth in the number of students receiving Federal Work Study awards, with 19,742 students receiving $38,466,288 annually. 
  • Five independent colleges and universities are in Rep. Latta’s district:


Bob Latta (R-OH)

    Bob Latta has served in the U.S. House of Representatives since 2007. In the 116th Congress, he serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee and is a member of the Subcommittee on Communications and Technology, Subcommittee on Energy and the Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Commerce. He also is a member of the Congressional Independent Colleges Caucus.


"All of us at Ohio Northern University deeply value

Rep. Bob Latta’s strong and sustained advocacy for
higher education, especially his appreciation for private
higher education and particularly for ONU.  Rep. Latta’s
support for federal student aid benefits thousands of our
students and his recent enthusiastic endorsement of our
successful USDA award has led to the transformation of
engineering education at Northern."

- Dan DiBiasio    
President, Ohio Northern University    




Q: Why did you decide to join the Congressional Independent Colleges Caucus? 
With five four-year colleges and universities, the Fifth Congressional District is a hub for higher education. As their representative, I want to be a voice for them and for their students however possible. 




"Rep. Latta understands and supports the people
he represents. He is present in his district, and he knows the
issues we face.  I have seen first-hand his support of education
in all its facets: pre-school, K-12, skills training, two-year
colleges, public and independent universities.  Rep. Latta
serves his constituents well, and we are fortunate to
have him in Congress."

 - Katherine Fell    
President, University of Findlay    



Q: What contributions are independent colleges making in your district?
Our colleges are inspiring the next generation of leaders in many different industries, and it’s noticeable. While I crisscross the 5th District, I meet farmers, business owners, teachers, and other leaders who are alumni of our great colleges and universities. They’re taking what they’re learning in the classroom and transforming the workforce and the way we do business. It’s incredible to see. 



"Rep. Bob Latta for over a decade has been a champion
for higher education in Ohio.  He appreciates and supports
independent colleges and universities as critically important for
meeting the needs of Ohio post-secondary learners.  Through
his friendship and support, Lourdes University is particularly
able to provide excellent and relevant education to students
through the TRIO Support Services Program."

  - Mary Ann Gawelek  
President, Lourdes University  


Q: How do you see these schools innovating?
Our colleges are at the forefront of research. We’re seeing the development of cures to horrible diseases. We’re seeing them shape the way we care for patients and run our farms. These institutions also play a major role in workforce development, partnering with the private sector to place students in good jobs right out of college.  




"Rep. Latta is engaged with Defiance College in mind and deed.  He is often on-campus for discussions and holds periodic meetings on our campus, including an Opioid Town Hall with local and national figures.  His support of the independent sector is fueled by his willingness to seek understanding as the conversations about post-secondary education and work-force development ensue.  We appreciate Rep. Latta and his very supportive Defiance, Ohio staff."  

- Richanne Mankey  
President, Defiance College  



Q: As a Member of Congress, how do you support the opportunity for education?
With a holistic approach—helping colleges and universities have access to research funding so they can continue to be at the forefront of research and development. It is important that we maintain open lines of communication between Capitol Hill and our college presidents. And finally, by ensuring that when they graduate, our students are entering a booming economy with job opportunities, and finding the career and technical support they need to fill the millions of skilled openings available across the country. 




“Rep. Latta has always been a friend to independent
higher education.  Throughout his entire public service career,
Rep. Latta has always been a supporter of independent
college students and values the importance higher education
has on their lives.” 

- C. Todd Jones  
President and General Counsel  
Association of Independent Colleges and  
Universities of Ohio (AICUO)



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