Please consider engaging with the #DoublePell campaign on your social media feeds and encourage your campus commuity to do the same.

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Snapchat: 9x16
Twitter: 16x9 and 1x1

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Sample social media messages:

Pell Grants are a proven bipartisan program and the fairest and most efficient way to help low-income and first-generation students access and complete college. Additional grant aid helps keep low-income students in college and on track to graduation. #DoublePell

If the Pell Grant is doubled, not only will current students receive increased grants, but the pool of eligible students will grow, providing more working-class students access to aid. #DoublePell

We are proud to join a national campaign to double the maximum Pell Grant to $13,000. [Name of institution] students & community, go to to write your member of Congress and engage on social media. #DoublePell

[Name of institution] students & community: We’re excited to share! You can use it to urge your member of Congress to double the maximum Pell Grant to $13,000 & communicate on social media. #DoublePell

[Name of institution] students: Tell Congress now is the time to double the maximum Pell Grant to $13,000! Go to to write your lawmaker & engage on social media. #DoublePell