NAICU Washington Update

New FIPSE Grant Allocations and August 1 Deadline

July 24, 2020

As the August 1 deadline approaches for institutional applications for all Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds (HEERF) under the CARES Act, the Department of Education has recently posted updates to its website, and directly reached out to institutions to ensure they apply. 

In particular, there has been confusion surrounding FIPSE grants. Available CARES Act funding includes FIPSE funds, which are specifically targeted for institutions that did not meet the $500,000 threshold under the HEERF funding institutional formula. 

Eligible schools have been waiting to apply for the FIPSE funds because the Education Department had removed information on the grants it had originally posted on its website. Updated information is now available, including a revised allocation list for eligible institutions. The revised list reflects a change to the formula regarding whether or not institutions received funding under the Minority Serving Institutions portion of HEERF funds. Institutions should use the Certification and Agreement process to apply for the funds.

In addition to the Certification and Agreement for the FIPSE portion, institutions will need to submit additional information if they meet certain triggers. Those conditions are:
  • Being subject to Heightened Cash Monitoring (that is, HCM1, HCM2 or reimbursement) as of June 1, 2020; 
  • Having an award allocation under the FIPSE portion of $400,000 or more;
  • Receiving an award that is larger than its Title IV aid in the prior year; or
  • Reporting full-time equivalent enrollment of 100 or fewer students.

Details about these additional elements were published in the Federal Register on July 22.