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State Department Puts New Limits on Chinese Diplomats' Visits to Colleges

September 11, 2020

Secretary of State Michael Pompeo announced earlier this week that diplomatic officials from the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) will now need formal permission from the Department of State to attend meetings and events at colleges and universities, including meetings with student groups or cultural events with 50 or more people. These new permissions are also required for official Chinese visitors with state and local government officials. 
These new restrictions are being imposed in response to the unreciprocated access being denied by China.  According to the department, the United States has been open for Chinese diplomats to visit and speak at colleges and universities, while U.S. diplomats visiting China have met longstanding restrictions and increasingly have had plans denied, cancelled, or indefinitely postponed.
The responsibility for requesting State Department permission for Chinese diplomats to visit a college falls on the Chinese consulate or embassy, not the institution of higher education. However, colleges should be aware of the new requirements as they work to set up interactions.

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